iDTRONIC Professional RFID for industrial applications

Fast and secure identification of movable and stationary goods through Auto-ID.

Digitization in IoT environments and Industry 4.0 standards are not possible without the automatic identification of products, equipment, vehicles, and other goods. RFID readers and writers, as well as RFID portals, from iDTRONIC may be easily integrated into acquisition, evaluation, and control systems. They are therefore ideally suited for system integration. Our products are specifically designed with the ruggedness required for industrial applications in mind. Our customers value our development expertise which allows us to meet individual requirements.

Advantages of iDTRONIC Professional RFID Systems:

  • Wide range of products for stationary, mobile and embedded use: modules, read / write devices, data loggers, special tags, antennas
  • Execution in all common RFID standards and the frequencies
    UHF: 865 – 928 MHz,HF: 13.56 MHz, LF: 125 kHz available
  • High qlity, performance, and reliability
  • Innovative designs for industrial requirements