iDTRONIC Secure ACCESS for rapid and effective Access Control

Quick and secure identification of people accessing your facility.

Effective access control is paramount, especially in high-security areas. Ensuring rapid and reliable separation, even when there is a high volume of traffic, is often difficult when checking individual security credentials.
iDTRONIC is ideally suited for office buildings, transport services (metro, subway), recreational facilities (such as stadiums, gyms, or ski resorts), and public toilets. The product range includes, in particular, turnstiles and security gates with identification by RFID or barcode. Additionally, we offer coin operated turnstiles — depending on security, documentation, and control requirements.

Advantages of iDTRONIC Secure ACCESS:

  • Smarter access control reduces waiting times / queues
  • Less personnel requirements through automation
  • Exact knowledge of who is where and when