We create solutions by looking at things from your perspective.

Solutions require a holistic approach. Therefore, it is our mission to understand your individual processes. We want to help you use RFID to streamline your processes. Use software systems to quickly and securely
manage access control.

Our product portfolio has grown rapidly since
our founding in 2003. We provide various
scalable solutions for a wide range of

Our solutions typically require only minimal
adjustments to satisfy the individual needs of
our clients in most industries. Thanks to our
partners, we are able to develop customized
solutions for specific needs common in most
industrial applications.

Our customer support completes our product
portfolio as the perfect compliment to our
physical product line.

Specialists needed for Individual Solutions

Andreas Jäger

Sales & Marketing


Maximilian Weber

Sales Manager
WELL Fit | Secure ACCESS

Patrick Kochendörfer

Sales Manager
Professional RFID